Au Revoir Debbie

Certainly not Goodbye.

debbie 1bSunday 31st July will be a sad day for all connected with Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary as Debbie completes her last working day with us. During the past six and a half years she has been a stalwart member of the Sanctuary team and has contributed much to help make the place what it is to-day.

As well as her work at the Sanctuary Debbie has undertaken many fund raising events, giving up her own time (and that of her family!) to raise money for our greyhounds. Her artistic skills have been called upon for Christmas cards and of course her regular contribution to Newshound magazine by way of the “Spot the Difference” competition.

There have been many hi-lights during Debbie’s time with us, I’ll not mention too many of the low lights as I fear she may well still have the photograph of when she painted my face at the Fen Bank Christmas Party!

We never had to worry too much if a Saluki/Lurcher came into the Sanctuary as it was assured a good home……Also any stray Budgie that flew into the garden was guaranteed a new cage!

Also I wouldn’t want anyone to think Debbie was accident prone but…putting your car into the dyke rather than going to the car wash was a little extreme. Likewise having a leg like “Robocop” after a disagreement with a horse was a bit excessive!

Debbie will be starting a new stage of her career path in animal care and welfare. She will be looking after reptiles and amphibians, and like other creatures these also suffer neglect and abuse so her well-honed nurturing skills will be called upon.

Debbie has said that she will visit us on a regular basis to see her beloved hounds and no doubt we will see her at some of our events throughout the year.

I am sure that everyone would like to join the entire Fen Bank Team in wishing her every success in her new job and to thank her for the many years of dedicated service she gave to the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary.

P Bryan – Vice Chairman of Trustees

Editors note:-  Even if Debbie does not have a photograph of the vice chairman’s face she painted at the Christmas party – I do  !!paul bryan


See you soon

debbie leavesA massive thank you to everyone for the lovely gifts, flowers and kind words.  My last working day at Fen Bank was sad, happy and very special, thanks to all the people I have had the pleasure to work with over the last six and a half years.  I hope to catch up with everyone soon, as if you’ll let me I would love to volunteer and help walk the dogs.  Big hugs to everyone at Fen Bank and of course all the beautiful dogs. X   Kind regards and luv Debbie.

debbie crop