Billy Saves Buddy

At the end of July, Billy was called upon to give blood to help a very sick dog at Fenwold Vets in Spilsby. (see original post below).

Fenwold Vets have now posted this item on their Facebook page:-

buddy 1buddy 2buddy 3





This is Buddy and he has a story to tell.

He arrived at Spilsby surgery on death’s door.  You can see how yellow his membranes are in the first picture.  Luckily… for Buddy, our vets recognised that he had a disease whereby his immune system was attacking and destroying his own red blood cells.  Despite aggressive treatment Buddy’s bone marrow was struggling to keep up with the demand and he was deteriorating.  At this point vet Annie, (left of middle picture with nurse Kirsty), and a dog called ‘Billy’ from Fen Bank sanctuary came to his rescue.  Using Billy as a donor, Annie managed to perform a blood transfusion which bought Buddy vital time for his medication to kick in and his bone marrow to catch up.

You can see the difference in the picture taken at recovery this week.

Fantastic work Annie! – and a special thank you to Fen Bank and Billy.


All at Fen Bank and especially Billy send all their very best wishes to Buddy.



billy gives blood 2On Tuesday 26 July a call was received at the kennels from Fenwold vets in Spilsby saying that they were desperately in need of blood.  A dog was undergoing an operation and was in need of a blood transfusion.  Without further ado kennel manager Mick loaded Billy into the van and
rushed him to Spilsby where Billy donated his blood to help the sick dog.  To the billy gives blood 1best of our knowledge the sick dog is now recovering.  Well done Billy !!  We hope you got a nice cup of tea and biscuits afterwards!

billy preview