Catch ‘Em Young!

Last summer “Peter” the Greyhound was invited to talk to the Skegness Young (Dog) Handlers group. We duly went along and talked about the history of the breed and the work we do at Fen Bank. A very challenging question and answer session followed and a pleasant afternoon was ended with an invitation being extended to visit the Sanctuary.

Just a couple of days before Easter Fen Bank welcomed several members of the Young Handlers to the Sanctuary. They were shown around the facility and were given an insight into our hopes and aspirations for the future. The group were very interested in hearing the generic life story of an ex racing greyhound and also impressed with the care and welfare we give our dogs.

Then it was time for “Walkies”! Each handler was paired up with one of our residents and several laps of the field were undertaken. Of course the greyhounds and their new handlers all behaved impeccably and a good time was had by all. All too soon the afternoon came to an end but I’m sure the memory of what fantastic companions greyhounds are will stay with our guests for a long time.

Thanks to Mick and his team for making this visit the success it was, and special thanks to Jess for helping with the kennel tour and walk.